that’s the sound of our arms being twisted

Alright, the verdict is pretty damn clear, we’ll keep going on KH.

One thing: if you’ve corresponded with me in the past and you did NOT get an email just now, EMAIL ME. I know there’s two or three names missing off my distribution list, so to make sure, let me know if you didn’t get an email. We’ll be figuring out cleaning & typesetting assignments, and I’ll post them here when we’ve got ’em.

not dead, just sleeping! well, not really sleeping. but kind of.

Alright. I’ve gotten multiple emails about this, so it’s up to you guys: do you want us to continue KH? What I’m seeing is that Yori’s translations were smoother & easier to read, enough moreso that it’s worth it to some of you even if we’re behind. How about the rest of you? The team is slowly coming back together — we’ve had people out of the country, two major hard drive failures, and the inevitable madness of final years (HS and uni) for various folks. So we’re willing to pick back up, if the demand is there.

Also, everyone may now worship Ayomiri as A GOD AMONG, uh, whatever. But a god! You might recall that part of the issue with Strays was dealing with Cantonese translations, and the fact that I hadn’t found a source for the rest of the tanks. Ayo’s found them. Not only did she find vols 7,8,9 in Japanese, she also tracked down Chinese-language translations. The c-trans were in a crazy-ass e-reader format, though, so she got like 90% of the pages. If there’s anyone out there willing/able to pitch in and do the Japanese for the few missing pages, post & I’ll contact you, and then we can get back on the ball with Strays.

Last, I think I’ve misplaced some of the folks who’d emailed me about helping out. If you have, and you haven’t heard anything (or you have and want to check in anyway), email me or post here. That’d be a big help in making sure I’ve got a proper elist of everyone who’s free for KH and/or Strays.

So, what does everyone think?

vol14 ch83

Ayomiri does it double-time to bring you ch83. Usual place, everyone. Enjoy!

For those of you wondering: we’re still on Sengoku Strays. I just gotta deal with the technical issues first.

vol14 ch82 release

We have all been buried, though Yori continues to translate as she can, and new cleaners have appeared (which I forward to Ayo). Mel’s prepping for a long trip to Japan, but somehow she had the spare minutes here and there to clean and typeset the next chapter.

Notes: remember! we do not own this. If you want to translate, feel free. It’s good practice! We’re also covered for Japanese scans, provided kindly by Renai… who is at last check in the middle of having a baby, so there was a slight delay for a bit. Busy, y’know.

What we really need are CLEANERS — who will stay for awhile. Lack o’ cleaners is the biggest reason we’ve been so slow. We’ve had a few pop up and then promptly disappear. Please don’t offer if you’re not sticking around! We don’t eat people, and Ayomiri could really use the help. If you’re up for it, post a reply, and I’ll forward you to Ayomiri. Thanks!

Sengoku Strays? Not sure. My scanner died, and I’ve been crushed by a major project and haven’t had time to consider replacement. I survived the deadline but now we’re in the madness of shopping season. Cover me, I’m going in. That said, I still only have vol7 for Strays, so if anyone can find/provide either Taiwanese or Cantonese scans (not Korean!) for Sengoku Strays, that would be a major help. Or has the Japanese scans and is willing to translate, that’s fine, too.

Anyway, ch82 is in the usual place. Enjoy!

vol14 ch81

We had some technical difficulties, all of which were related to the file storage we’d been using. Recent improvements were anything but improving, and Mel uploaded like three times, three ways, and I never could get the files. Upshot was we changed to a new file storage, but then it took a bit to learn the new system. Finally, though, we had successful upload & download, right in time for a fansubbed version of the new anime!

If you’re looking for the chapter, it’s in the usual place. If you’re looking for the torrent for the anime, look here:

No, we are not doing the anime. It’s Anime-Koi doing it, and my guess is that their translator isn’t familiar with the story, so be a little forgiving on some of the different terminology. They use Earth Diety for “Land-God”, and “divine messenger” for “shrine familiar”. The latter is pretty much the literal meaning of “familiar” — a messenger of the divine — but it’s a little peculiar at times, since in English that reads like they’re saying Tomoe himself is divine. Just for those of you who might get confused about the change. I think Mel is still flipping out over the cuteness, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. The first episode covers a whole lot, though it doesn’t feel rushed so much as just frantically energetic, but balanced. Here’s hoping the entire series gets the same good treatment and there’s no Furuba-izing to squeeze in the end.

ETA: Deadfish is also fansubbing, and has the same literal-ness as Anime-Koi’s version.


vol 14 c80 release

Ayup, we’re into vol 14 now. In the usual place, everyone. Enjoy. Err, try.

vol 13 releases!

Yes! Lils rose from the dead with ch78, and Ayo was able to leap into the gap and typeset. It’s that time of year, after all. Yori’s buried under exams, Mel’s being eaten alive by uni, and I believe similar stories can be told for Jaesun. Except Lupines, who is reportedly sunning on the south of France right now and eating bonbons, or whatever you eat when you’re sunning. Bonbon-flavored margaritas?

(Also, bonus colored pages are in the folder, too.)

Anyway, ch78 is the first one out. Ch79 has been ready and waiting, but it’s taking me twice as long because our usual shared folder is requiring me to download every page, separately. Not quite sure what’s going on, or if it’s just a molasses-slow connection, but I should have ch79 uploaded, and ch80 shortly after that. Just check back here, and I’ll update the post when those come through.

And also, a very big THANK YOU to everyone who waited so patiently. It may be a week or two before we have another chapter or two, since the madness o’ this time of year doesn’t go away overnight. On the plus side, in another two weeks, you’ll have anime to tide you over!

(Which, in case you’re wondering, we will NOT be fansubbing. We fishes must draw the insanity line somewhere.)

ETA: Alright, ch79 is now in the folder! (Honestly my net is sooooo slow tonight.)

vol13, 14 status

Upcoming chapters:

ch78 almost done cleaning, Lupines to typeset
ch79 cleaned, Mel’s typesetting
ch80 cleaned, Jaesun’s typesetting
ch81 almost done cleaning… typesetter tbd.

Stay tuned!

kh anime promo

With many thanks to Sakura for letting us know!

Information on seiyuu announced so far, here:

KH status

Tis the summer of computer madness, it seems. Last we heard (in between Ayo’s computer eating every other chapter of Strays), Lils’ computer exploded. Or a computer near hers. Not sure. So we’re hoping Lils will reappear with chapter done, or, something, or just hear back from her so we know she didn’t get exploded with the computer. Tealdeer, next chapter is in a holding pattern temporarily, but there should be news soon.

ETA: very soon, actually! Soon as in, “a minute after posting”. (See comments.)

That’s ch78; ch79 is being typeset, and I seem to recall ch80 is being cleaned. I recalled wrong! Ch81 is being cleaned; ch80 has no assigned cleaner. Which means we might end up on a triple release. Hrm, maybe you guys should brace yourself. Someone ready those hospital-paddles they use to restart hearts, looks like we might need them.